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History of Chrysalis Staging & More
About Chrysalis Staging And More

Why We Started

Marina has been staging short-term rentals and personal homes as favors to her friends and family for the last ten years. 

Her friends and family always told her that she was very talented at what she did. One day a contractor mentioned that his wife was selling her staging business, and Marina jumped on the opportunity to acquire it. She took a leap of faith and quit her job in nursing to take on the challenge as a business owner and has loved every minute of it.

Patrick, Marina’s husband, is a contractor who specializes in handyman laboring services. Over the last several years, they have flipped several homes together. Offering beginning investors the opportunity to learn how to get into the house-flipping business is also a passion of hers. 

She combined her staging business, organizing services, consultation services, and other services that are beneficial to homeowners, business owners, and investors to help her clients meet their goal of transforming their homes and businesses. This experience has allowed Marina and her team to offer her clients “the whole package” when trying to get their homes or business in order.