Direct Mail Marketing

We are a new, small, local woman-owned staging business located out of Salem. Like any new company, we inform our target realtors and property management companies about our staging services through marketing efforts.

Our Direct Mail marketing campaign involves contacting local licensed realtors, brokers, and licensed property managers to ensure they are in our target market and aware of our company to possibly benefit their business. As a licensed property manager or real estate agent in Oregon, your address is public record with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Those public records were obtained for our Direct Mail marketing campaigns. 

Property managers, realtors, and brokers also had the addresses for their registered licenses listed the same as their affiliated business addresses. This may ensure that a private apartment or home address is not available to the public in affiliation with a realtor, broker, or property manager license. In turn, it may prevent future mail contact to a private address by other company marketing practices.

If you received one of our Direct Mail marketing letters, you may wish to consider modifying your registered address with The Oregon Real Estate Agency. Their contact information is located on their website at You may also use the Oregon Real Estate Agency’s online license lookup tool to see the information that is public for a registered license by clicking THIS LINK

Opt-Out Form

We always hope that we can work together with a company or individual and add value to them. As much as we would love to serve, we do know that sometimes there are those who wish to opt out of any and all services in the future.

If you would like to be added to our opt-out list, please complete the form below. We will cease all future solicitations in connection to your real estate or property management license, email, or all contact we have on file.

Remember that even if you opt-out of marketing communications, we may still contact you regarding your account, a transaction, or for similar reasons.